Some Notes & Images on British Surrealists [The Beecroft, August 2022]

Greetings! There was so much intrigue & interest in our ‘gallery’ of British Surrealist art, that I have copied & pasted some of the presentation slides below, really so that you have a list of the artists’ names to research further. Whilst I would recommend just typing names into the browser and seeing what comes up, particular websites for research include: ArtUK; Christie’s; Sotheby’s and Bonhams.

There is a website dedicated to British Surrealism; also the Tate has a lot of archival material, especially about Eileen Agar, John Banting and Ithell Colquhoun – much of which is digitally available.

There is an exhibition of the Sherwin Collection at the Hepworth until January 2023. The Dulwich Picture Gallery has some interesting online resources, and Austin/Desmond has a fabulous little online gallery.

Books are available on some individual artists, but I’d suggest the best overview is “Surrealism in Britain” by Michel Remy.

NB Len Lye is renowned for his experimental films. “The Colour Box” and “Tusaleva” can be found on YouTube. I’d also recommend “The Birth of the Robot” which Lye made with John Banting. See also The Len Lye Foundation.

Books on Eileen Agar: Hatchards

NB: The BBC’s “Desmond Morris – Secret Surrealist” is on YouTube.

We’ll continue our discussions next month (Saturday 24th September, 11.15am, The Beecroft), starting with Edith Rimmington…

Edith Rimmington, The Oneiroscopist, 1947
Photo credit: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem by Elie Posner © Estate of Edith Rimmington c/o Country Life

…and our focus with be the surreal world of Leonora Carrington:

The Giantess (The Guardian of the Egg) [1947; private c/o Wikipedia]

And if you would like to read your way into Leonora Carrington’s world, then there is no better path than her wonderfully brilliant novel: The Hearing Trumpet.

Happy researches (and do please let me know what you discover)!


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