Research series: The Art and Artists of Russia (9) The Ballets Russes


I’ve done something different this week and filmed the session.

It’s probably about an hour long – so you might need a cup of coffee & a biscuit!

(It does get a bit glitchy towards the end but keep going, the main elements are all there.)

If you can’t bear to watch, the presentation images are below with all the links and references for further researches.

For Anna Pavlova’s “The Dying Swan” on YouTube visit here.

For “The Rite of Spring” on YouTube visit here.

For Valentine Gross (nee Hugo) in the V&A Collections visit here.

For a long read on the Ballets Russes in The Tretyakov Magazine visit here.


Russian Art and Artists (9)

If you are enjoying this series and are able to ‘donate’ even occasionally – please do! Many thanks in advance.


NB There’s to be an exhibition of Laura Knight’s paintings at Penlee House, Cornwall this summer: see here.

Well that was fun!


About TheCommonViewer

Independent Researcher: gently exploring the art and artists of early 20th century Britain (with forays elsewhere, in particular Russian Art History); the Art, Books & History Group meets monthly in Southend-on-Sea Twitter: @TheCommonViewer

One response to “Research series: The Art and Artists of Russia (9) The Ballets Russes

  1. avril sonia mcowens

    Thank you Mark the video lecture was terrific. I was at the Goncharova exhibition at the Tate and adore the ballet so the Pavlova film is not new to me. Your explanations of the Russian view of colour and design at that seminal period when there were revolutions in dress, style and ways of life that were dying and being born were also being mirrored in the arts. The audience were very angry at the premiere of the Rite of Spring which was another expression of something new occurring as it had never occurred in a ballet performance beforehand for an audience to walk out and throw missiles!! Looking forward to further videos as it is lovely listening to you actually talking, just like it used to be at The Beecroft. God bless. Avril.

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