The East London Group: in conversation with Alan Waltham, 11th March 2022

Brynhild Parker (1907-1987): Windy Day on Marine Parade [c.1925; Beecroft Art Gallery;]


It gives me huge pleasure to announce that I will be in conversation with Alan Waltham, curator and custodian of The East London Group on

Friday 11th March, 2022 at 2.30pm

Venue: The Beecroft Art Gallery, Southend

£10 tickets are available via Eventbrite (click on link)

Join Alan Waltham, curator of “Brothers in Art: Walter and Harold Steggles” currently on show at the Beecroft Gallery to discuss the East London Group.

The rediscovery of the East London Group, triggered by a surprise inheritance and the 2012 publication of David Buckman’s “From Bow to Biennale”, has garnered a revitalised appreciation of these working class artists’ paintings, many of which hadn’t been seen since the 1930s.

This afternoon, curator Alan Waltham discusses this renewed recognition of the East London Group, his personal link to the Steggles Brothers and, by way of some of the most iconic of their paintings, the origins and history of the Group. Alan will be in conversation with Dr ML Banting, independent researcher in the field of early 20th-century British art.

All welcome!

“Brothers in Art: Walter and Harold Steggles” runs at the Beecroft Gallery until 3rd April, 2022. There are further details about both the exhibition and the East London Group artists here and on here.

Photograph: East London Group artists Elwin Hawthorne, Phyllis Bray, John Cooper and Brynhild Parker at the Lefevre Galleries [c. 1932] from the article “Phyllis Bray, Artist” at SpitalfieldsLife website.

“From Bow to Biennale” by David Buckman [2012; Francis Boutle Publishers]


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