Into The 20s with Nina Hamnett and her peers… Notes & Resources (Beecroft, Jan 2020)

Into The 20s with Nina Hamnett and her peers… Notes & Resources

The Beecroft Gallery, January 2020


Nina Hamnett



Laughing Torso: Reminiscences of Nina Hamnett [Nina Hamnett, 1932; Constable & co.]

Is She A Lady? [Nina Hamnett; 1955; Allan Wingate]

Nina Hamnett: Queen of Bohemia [Denise Hooker; 1986; Constable & Co.]


Nina Hamnett as Muse

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska (1891-1915) Torso [1914; Tate]

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska: The Dancer [1913; Tate]

Walter Sickert (1860-1942) The Little Tea Party (Nina Hamnett & Roald Kristian) [1915; Tate]

For Roger Fry’s portrait of Nina Hamnett, see


Omega Workshop

Nina Hamnett’s Paintings


Vanessa Bell and Charleston

Nancy Cunard

Other artists

(again the websites and are always the best places to start from)

Adrian Allinson (1890-1959)

Duncan Grant (1885-1978)

Sylvia Gosse (1881–1968)

Spencer Gore (1878-1914)

JD Fergusson (1874-1961)

SJ Peploe (1871-1935)

Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957)

Helen Saunders (1885-1963)

Gwen John (1876-1939)

Laura Knight (1877-1970)

Augustus Edwin John (1878–1961)

Brett (The Hon. Dorothy Eugenie Brett, 1883-1977)

(Dora) Carrington (1893-1932)

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska (1891-1915)

Ossip Zadkine (1890-1967)

Amadeo Modigliani (1884-1920)

Marie Vassilieff (1884-1957)

Bernard Meninsky (1891–1950)

Ethelbert White (1891–1972)

Ivon Hitchens (1893–1979)

Edward Wadsworth (1889–1949)

Delores Courtney (no dates)

John Banting (1902-1972)

Alvaro Guevara (1894-1951)

Marie Laurencin (1883-1965)

Ambrose McEvoy (1878–1927)

Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980)

Constantin Brancuși (1876-1957)

Barbara Ker-Seymer (1905-1993)


Other books

and music

“Façade” – Edith Sitwell and William Walton

Unfortunately I can’t find any recording of Henry Crowder’s jazz band


I hope this has been useful, please let me know what else you discover!

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