Art History Mornings – May 2018

Art History Mornings at The Beecroft Gallery
Saturday 26th May, 10.30am-12.30pm
with Dr ML Banting

Constable in France:
The Artists’ Village of Barbizon

When paintings by John Constable were exhibited in Paris in 1824, they sparked a significant discussion among French artists. Dissatisfied with the revolutionary grand-style of Jacques-Louis David and his followers at the French Academy, these young artists left Paris for the village of Barbizon, near the Forest of Fontainebleau, to paint everyday rural life in natural colours and soft brushstrokes. Today we’ll explore Constable’s influence on artists such as Delacroix and this radical new path taken by the artists of The Barbizon School such as Corot and Millet who would open the way to Impressionism.

Millet, Jean-Francois, 1814-1875; Going to Work

Jean-Francois Millet: Going to Work
(1850, Glasgow Museums c/o

Meetings are held 10.30am – 12.30pm in the Beecroft Gallery lecture theatre.
Each talk costs £10 and includes tea/coffee (biscuits!)
For further information please contact Mark Banting by email or via twitter @TheCommonViewer
These monthly Saturday morning art history talks are educational yet informal and open to anyone with an interest in art.

About TheCommonViewer

Independent Researcher: gently exploring "The Art & Artists of Russia (1850s-present) currently, and please see the A History of Art in England series; looking forward to discussing "British Art Groups (1930s)" when we can have live group meetings again! Twitter: @TheCommonViewer

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