Art History Mornings at The Beecroft – A Russian Summer (part 1)

Russia might be “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, as Churchill put it, but the exhilarating creative power of Russian art from the 1870s through to the 1917 Revolution is one hell of a ride!

Isaac Levitan - Lake - 1900

Image: Isaac Levitan: The Lake (1900)

Saturday 29th July, 10.30 – 12.30pm
From The Wanderers’ awe-inspiring landscapes to the realist genre paintings of Ilya Repin, we’ll explore the 19th-century art of a nation seeing itself for the first time. It’s a picture that Kandinsky will later turn into abstract art, and Diaghilev will translate into the Ballet Russes.

This is the first of two Art History Mornings looking at the art of Russia.

Meetings are held on Saturday mornings in the Lecture Theatre on the ground floor of the Beecroft Gallery.
Each talk costs £10 and includes tea/coffee (biscuits!) and resource materials for independent research.
For further information and to enrol, please contact Mark Banting:

These monthly Saturday morning art history talks are educational yet informal and open to anyone with an interest in art.





About TheCommonViewer

Independent Researcher: gently exploring "The Art & Artists of Russia (1850s-present) currently, and please see the A History of Art in England series; looking forward to discussing "British Art Groups (1930s)" when we can have live group meetings again! Twitter: @TheCommonViewer

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