Art History Mornings at the Beecroft: April – June 2017


Bloomsbury  The Art of Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell - Etchells

Vanessa Bell: Frederick and Jessie Etchells Painting (1912; Tate Britain @Tate)

Saturday 22nd April: Bloomsbury & The Art of Vanessa Bell

The artist Vanessa Bell has been over-shadowed by the literary side of Bloomsbury for many years yet, with the current exhibition @DulwichGallery – not to mention recent fiction and television dramas – her work is coming into focus. A strident and brilliant artist, Bell was at the forefront of British Post-Impressionism.

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Saturday 27th May: The Art of the First World War

Throughout World War I there was a debate amongst both artists and viewers on how art might represent and reflect the horrors of the first machine-age war. Today we’ll look at a variety of paintings that range from documentary ‘realism’ to expressionist ‘modernism’ exploring the debates, the reactions and indeed our own ways of seeing 100 years on.

Saturday 24th June: Modernism in St Ives

Throughout the 1920s and 30s, St Ives became a hub for modern artists exploring new ways of painting in the aftermath of WWI. Hugely influenced by French artists, the “discovery” of local painter Alfred Wallis in 1928 led to a new wave of experiment as formal traditions were further abandoned. A “naïve” romanticism emerged, as did a more abstract British constructivism.

Meetings will be held on Saturday mornings, 10.30am to 12.30pm in the Lecture Theatre on the ground floor of the Beecroft Gallery.

Each talk costs £10 and includes tea/coffee (biscuits!) and resource materials for independent research.

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These monthly Saturday morning art history talks are educational yet informal and open to anyone with an interest in art. Each session combines an illustrated talk and discussion, drawing on collections and current exhibitions around the UK.ttps://