Painting-on-Sea (2): Staithes

Saturday 25th February, 10.30-12.30 at The Beecroft Gallery, Southend-on-Sea

Heavy Weather in Staithes (1890s)

Laura Knight: The Fishing Fleet (1900; Bolton Gallery)

With the developing focus on realist portrayals of working life and an increasing interest in the representation of light, we move this month up the coast to colonies including Walberswick and Staithes, where life in the 1890s is one of harsh beauty. Here we meet Laura Knight at the start of her artistic journey from dark Dutch interiors to the seaside and sunlight.

Tickets for each session cost £10 and include tea/coffee (biscuits!) and resource materials for independent research.

For further information and to enrol, please contact Mark Banting:



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